Hi friends, 

Thank you for following and supporting Bois of Baltimore. From 2012 to 2015 Bois of Baltimore created safe spaces for various forms of alternative Black masculinity in the greater Baltimore area. In addition to progressive cultural events, we helped to increase the positive visibility of queer, masculine, and trans people of color. Although Bois of Baltimore as one approach to change has ended, the impacts of those changes will be seen for days to come. It is an honor to have contributed such a unique chapter to Baltimore’s history.

Why stop now-- isn’t there more for Bois to do?

Absolutely! Discussions about gender, race, class, and sexuality (to name a few) are necessary for our communities to heal and achieve peace. Many Bois live and work at multiple intersections and we encourage them to find healthy and creative ways to express both their gender and passion.

Wait—I have another question?!

For as long as possible, we’ll reply to inquiries via Info@BoisofBaltimore.com

Peace & <3,

Bois of Baltimore

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